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[Frozen] Sashimi Grade Oysters [Murotsu Kajimoto Bay]

[Frozen] Sashimi Grade Oysters [Murotsu Kajimoto Bay]

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Enjoy the flavors of the ocean with each juicy and creamy slurp of Murotsu Oysters. With rich mineral nutrients from the mountains, Murotsu bay is known for producing the best oysters in the region. These sashimi grade oysters are flash frozen and imported directly for freshness.

Each box comes with 12 pieces and one whole lemon! 


1. After defrosting completely, hold the oyster by hand with the flat shell up

2. Insert a small table knife or utensil between the gap of the shell

3. Pray the shell open and remove it

4. Cut the muscle attached to the bottom part of the shell to fully detach the oyster

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